what are the logistical considerations and costs associated with the program?

The only cost associated with the program is the band cost! We try to make the whole process as simple as possible. The Reflex Wellness Program starts at 20 pieces and it’s also scalable! You can start with your first 20 users and can easily order more/integrate additional users into the same program down the road. We offer free group/corporate administrator access; there is no additional charge for access to the administrator portal. Adding a custom logo to your Reflex normally takes 10-14 days, but if no logo is required, your bands can ship as soon as same day!

The FitIncluded Reflex comes with a 1 year warranty. Any support issues can be handled directly at the FitIncluded website using live chat. You may also email any questions or concerns to support@fitincluded.com

  1. The only cost is the unit / band cost.    We try to make the whole process as simple as possible.  You can get started with you own wellness program with as few as 20pcs.   The Reflex Wellness program is scalable too.  You can start with 20 users/bands today – and later you can order more and integrate them into the same program.
  2. Free Group/Corporate Administrator access.  There is NO charge for access to administrator portal. 
  3. Custom Logo Reflex normally take 10-14 days.   If you don’t require a logo to be imprinted they can ship as quickly as today!
  4. Supporting my employees – The Fitincluded Reflex comes with a 1 year warranty.   Any support issues can be direct here to the fitincluded website.  Using live chat or emailing us at support@fitincluded.com we will support all your users. 


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