Customizeable App

Custom App


Rather in an office building or a family household, our Group feature will help brand your logo, get everyone involved, and create a Corporate Wellness Program like no other.  Here are 8 places you can customize the app:

  • Integrate a logo menu bar
  • Change the background image as often as needed
  • First on the leaderboard icon
  • Second on the leaderboard icon
  • Third on the leaderboard icon
  • Outside of top three icon
  • Customize the About Us page
  • Custom splash page when you open the app


Enjoy FitIncluded’s one-of-a-kind, customizable APP and group feature by purchasing 50+ pieces of the Reflex Fitness Tracker.  Rather in an office building or a family household, our Groups feature will help get everyone involved.  With over eight places to customize, every time you open the app you will feel right at home. 


Group Features 

Designate a group admin from your company or household. This person will have access to the admin management site, which is simple and easy to use. The group admin will create:

  • Admin login for the management site
  • Admin password for the management site
  • A join password. In order to join the group inside the app you must know this password. 

Once the group has been made, the members can compete with each other on the group leaderboard and send messages to other group members. The group admin can export a .csv file of the participants activity, which includes, step count, gender, email and nickname.